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42ec59d8ee3fcfb8ac1affb772aed43b6e2a7381 sqlite-utils memory command for directly querying CSV/JSON data * Turn SQL errors into click errors * Initial CSV-only prototype of sqlite-utils memory, refs #272 * Implement --save plus tests for --save and --dump, refs #272 * Re-arranged CLI query documentation, refs #272 * Re-organized CLI query docs, refs #272 * Docs for --save and --dump plus made SQL optional for those, refs #273 * Replaced one last :memory: example * Documented --attach option for memory command, refs #272 * Improved arrangement of CLI query documentation 2021-06-18T15:00:52Z 2021-06-18T15:00:52Z 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 cd792325681cbad9f663f2879d8b69f1edbb678f 140912432 9599 19864447