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8f97b9b58e77f82fef1f10e9c9f6754b993544b6 datasette.client internal requests mechanism Closes #943 * Datasette now requires httpx>=0.15 * Support OPTIONS without 500, closes #1001 * Added internals tests for datasette.client methods * Datasette's own test mechanism now uses httpx to simulate requests * Tests simulate HTTP 1.1 now * Added base_url in a bunch more places * Mark some tests as xfail - will remove that when new httpx release ships: #1005 2020-10-09T16:11:24Z 2020-10-09T16:11:24Z 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 cd792325681cbad9f663f2879d8b69f1edbb678f 107914493 9599 19864447
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