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d0fd833b8cdd97e1b91d0f97a69b494895d82bee Add compile option to Dockerfile to fix failing test (fixes #696) (#1223) This test was failing when run inside the Docker container: `test_searchable[/fixtures/searchable.json?_search=te*+AND+do*&_searchmode=raw-expected_rows3]`, with this error: ``` def test_searchable(app_client, path, expected_rows): response = app_client.get(path) > assert expected_rows == response.json["rows"] E AssertionError: assert [[1, 'barry c...sel', 'puma']] == [] E Left contains 2 more items, first extra item: [1, 'barry cat', 'terry dog', 'panther'] E Full diff: E + [] E - [[1, 'barry cat', 'terry dog', 'panther'], E - [2, 'terry dog', 'sara weasel', 'puma']] ``` The issue was that the version of sqlite3 built inside the Docker container was built with FTS3 and FTS4 enabled, but without the `SQLITE_ENABLE_FTS3_PARENTHESIS` compile option passed, which adds support for using `AND` and `NOT` within `match` expressions (see and Without this, the `AND` used in the search in this test was being interpreted as a literal string, and so no matches were found. Adding this compile option fixes this. Thanks, @bobwhitelock 2021-03-07T07:41:17Z 2021-03-07T07:41:17Z 62dd4d3238df6431f690ab98cee3e5a02daf6316 cd792325681cbad9f663f2879d8b69f1edbb678f 107914493 7476523 19864447