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sha message author_date ▲ committer_date raw_author raw_committer repo author committer
3054e0f7307da4c31850b74bd73238b33d6c750a Install Prettier via package.json (#1170) * Error if Prettier isn't already installed * Temporarily run Prettier check on every commit * Install and run Prettier via package.json * Trigger another prettier check on CI 2021-01-04T19:52:33Z 2021-01-04T19:52:33Z Ben Pickles 2d4f689f43f0635ebfebca53689651b62ee95193 GitHub cd792325681cbad9f663f2879d8b69f1edbb678f datasette 107914493 benpickles 3637 web-flow 19864447

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CREATE TABLE [commits] (
   [message] TEXT,
   [author_date] TEXT,
   [committer_date] TEXT,
   [raw_author] TEXT REFERENCES [raw_authors]([id]),
   [raw_committer] TEXT REFERENCES [raw_authors]([id]),
   [repo] INTEGER REFERENCES [repos]([id]),
   [author] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [committer] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id])
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_committer]
                ON [commits] ([committer]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_author]
                ON [commits] ([author]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_repo]
                ON [commits] ([repo]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_raw_committer]
                ON [commits] ([raw_committer]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_raw_author]
                ON [commits] ([raw_author]);