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f8277d0fb9c05a88a9ff01d996e31d55f0f0a645 sqlite-utils query can now run DML (#120) * Failing test showing that DML in `sqlite-utils query` doesn't work * Run `sqlite-utils query` in a transaction so that DML is committed Thanks, @tsibley! 2020-07-08T05:14:04Z 2020-07-08T05:14:04Z Thomas Sibley f25304fb12f6d6fab36f551427610ed8e96f0c2f GitHub cd792325681cbad9f663f2879d8b69f1edbb678f sqlite-utils 140912432 tsibley 79913 web-flow 19864447
ae4593316ccf5e42ad26f27033193834a7e696c8 Add insert --truncate option Deletes all rows in the table (if it exists) before inserting new rows. SQLite doesn't implement a TRUNCATE TABLE statement but does optimize an unqualified DELETE FROM. This can be handy if you want to refresh the entire contents of a table but a) don't have a PK (so can't use --replace), b) don't want the table to disappear (even briefly) for other connections, and c) have to handle records that used to exist being deleted. Ideally the replacement of rows would appear instantaneous to other connections by putting the DELETE + INSERT in a transaction, but this is very difficult without breaking other code as the current transaction handling is inconsistent and non-systematic. There exists the possibility for the DELETE to succeed but the INSERT to fail, leaving an empty table. This is not much worse, however, than the current possibility of one chunked INSERT succeeding and being committed while the next chunked INSERT fails, leaving a partially complete operation. 2020-07-06T21:18:23Z 2020-07-08T17:26:20Z Thomas Sibley f2f4d10a554519ea00fb44a5f6377123c59e1f22 Simon Willison 13ae486343ea6454a93114c6f558ffea2f2c6874 sqlite-utils 140912432 tsibley 79913 simonw 9599

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CREATE TABLE [commits] (
   [message] TEXT,
   [author_date] TEXT,
   [committer_date] TEXT,
   [raw_author] TEXT REFERENCES [raw_authors]([id]),
   [raw_committer] TEXT REFERENCES [raw_authors]([id]),
   [repo] INTEGER REFERENCES [repos]([id]),
   [author] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [committer] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id])
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_committer]
                ON [commits] ([committer]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_author]
                ON [commits] ([author]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_repo]
                ON [commits] ([repo]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_raw_committer]
                ON [commits] ([raw_committer]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_commits_raw_author]
                ON [commits] ([raw_author]);