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A bit of background: the reason heroku git:clone brings down an empty directory is because datasette publish heroku uses the builds API, rather than a git push, to release the app. I originally did this because it seemed like a lower bar than having a working git, but the downside is, as you found out, that tweaking the created app is hard.

So there's one option -- change datasette publish heroku to use git push instead of heroku builds:create.

@pkoppstein - what you suggested seems like it ought to work (you don't need maintenance mode, though). I'm not sure why it doesn't.

You could also look into using the slugs API to download the slug, change metadata.json, re-pack and re-upload the slug.

Ultimately though I think I think @simonw's idea of reading metadata.json from an external source might be better (#357). Reading from an alternate URL would be fine, or you could also just stuff the whole metadata.json into a Heroku config var, and write a plugin to read it from there.

Hope this helps a bit!

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