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Did you find the reason? I had similar situation and I check this on millions ways. I am sure app doesn't consume such memory.

I was trying the app with:
docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 -m 128M foo

I was watching app with docker stats. Even limited memory by CMD ["java", "-Xms60M", "-Xmx60M", "-jar", "api.jar"].
Checked memory usage by app in code and print bash commands. The app definitely doesn't use this memory. Also doesn't write files.

Only one solution is to change memory to 512M.

It is definitely something wrong with cloud run.

I even did special app for testing this. It looks like when I cross very small amount of code / memory / app size in random when, then memory needs grow +hundreds. Nothing make sense here. Especially it works everywhere expect cloud run.

Please let me know if you discovered something more.

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