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Another magic parameter that would be useful would be _random. Consider for example - I'd like to be able to provide a writable canned query which can create new authentication tokens in the database, but ideally it would automatically populate a secure random secret for each one.

Maybe _random_chars_128 to create a 128 character long random string (using os.urandom(64).hex()).

This would be the first example of a magic parameter where part of the parameter name is used to configure the resulting value. Maybe neater to separate that with a different character? Unfortunately _random_chars:128 wouldn't work because these parameters are used in a SQLite query where : has special meaning: insert into blah (secret) values (:_random_chars:128) wouldn't make sense.

Actually this is already supported by the proposed design - _random_chars_128 would become random("chars_128") so the random() function could split off the 128 itself.

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