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Maybe I should ship a default _scope_headers_... parameter instead, which reads from a dictionary of scope["headers"] - shows what those look like.

{'client': ('', 0),
 'headers': [[b'host', b''],
             [b'x-forwarded-for', b''],
             [b'x-vercel-id', b'sw72x-1593215573008-024e4e603806'],
             [b'x-forwarded-host', b''],
             [b'x-real-ip', b''],
             [b'x-vercel-deployment-url', b''],
             [b'upgrade-insecure-requests', b'1'],
             [b'x-vercel-trace', b'sfo1'],
             [b'x-forwarded-proto', b'https'],
             [b'accept-language', b'en-US,en;q=0.5'],
              b'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:77.0) Gecko'
              b'/20100101 Firefox/77.0'],
             [b'x-vercel-forwarded-for', b''],
             [b'accept-encoding', b'gzip, deflate, br'],
             [b'dnt', b'1'],
             [b'te', b'trailers']],
 'http_version': '1.1',
 'method': 'GET',
 'path': '/',
 'query_string': b'',
 'raw_path': b'/',
 'root_path': '',
 'scheme': 'https',
 'server': ('', 80),
 'type': 'http'}

I'm going to have _request_X actually mean "find the first value for X in scope["headers"]" - with underscores converted to hyphens.

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