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One idea: sqlite-utils insert-files

It could work something like this:

sqlite-utils insert-files files.db /tmp/blah.jpg /tmp/foo.gif \
  --table files \
  -c key:filename -c hash:sha256 -c body:content \
  --pk key

This would insert those two image files into the database in a table called files with a schema that looks something like this:

    key text primary key,
    hash text,
    body blob

The -c key:filename options here are the most interesting: they let you create the table with a specific layout. The bit before the : is the column name. The bit after the : can be a range of different things:

  • filename - just the filename
  • filepath - the full filepath (provided on the command-line)
  • absolutepath - the filepath expanded to start with /home/... or whatever
  • sha256 - the SHA256 of the contents
  • md5 - the MD5
  • content - the binary content itself
  • mtime - the mtime (floating point timestamp)
  • ctime - the ctime (floating point timestamp)
  • mtime_iso - the mtime as an ISO datetime
  • ctime_iso - the mtime as an ISO datetime
  • size - the size of the file in bytes
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