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I should consider easy compatibility with

An SQLite Archive is an ordinary SQLite database file that contains the following table as part of its schema:
CREATE TABLE sqlar( name TEXT PRIMARY KEY, -- name of the file mode INT, -- access permissions mtime INT, -- last modification time sz INT, -- original file size data BLOB -- compressed content );
Each row of the SQLAR table holds the content of a single file. The filename (the full pathname relative to the root of the archive) is in the "name" field. The "mode" field is an integer which is the unix-style access permissions for the file. "mtime" is the modification time of the file in seconds since 1970. "sz" is the original uncompressed size of the file. The "data" field contains the file content. The content is usually compressed using Deflate, though not always. If the "sz" field is equal to the size of the "data" field, then the content is stored uncompressed.

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