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I'm trying to play with sqlite3 -A on my Mac.

sqlite3 -A tells me that it's an unknown option - but I used brew info sqlite to find my homebrew installed version and it turns out this works:

 % /usr/local/Cellar/sqlite/3.32.1/bin/sqlite3 -A
Wrong number of arguments.  Usage:
.archive ...             Manage SQL archives
   Each command must have exactly one of the following options:
     -c, --create               Create a new archive
     -u, --update               Add or update files with changed mtime
     -i, --insert               Like -u but always add even if unchanged
     -t, --list                 List contents of archive
     -x, --extract              Extract files from archive
   Optional arguments:
     -v, --verbose              Print each filename as it is processed
     -f FILE, --file FILE       Use archive FILE (default is current db)
     -a FILE, --append FILE     Open FILE using the apndvfs VFS
     -C DIR, --directory DIR    Read/extract files from directory DIR
     -n, --dryrun               Show the SQL that would have occurred
     .ar -cf ARCHIVE foo bar  # Create ARCHIVE from files foo and bar
     .ar -tf ARCHIVE          # List members of ARCHIVE
     .ar -xvf ARCHIVE         # Verbosely extract files from ARCHIVE
   See also:
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