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I think I've figured out what to do about stability of the HTML and the default templates with respect to semantic versioning.

I'm going to announce that the JSON API - including the variables made available to templates - should be considered stable according to semver. I will only break backwards compatibility at that level in a major version release.

The template HTML (and default CSS) will not be considered a stable interface. They won't change on bug fix releases but they may change (albeit described in the release notes) on minor version bumps.

Since the template inputs are stable, you can run your own copy of the previous version's templates if something breaks.

This means users (and plugin authors) who make changes to the default Datasette UI will have to test their changes against every minor release. I think that's OK.

If you write plugins that don't affect the Datasette HTML UI you will be able to expect stability across minor version releases.

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