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This looks pretty good now!

% sqlite-utils search 24ways.db articles simon -c title -c author -t 
title                                                                          author
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------  ------------------
Don't be eval()                                                                Simon Willison
DOM Scripting Your Way to Better Blockquotes                                   Jeremy Keith
Swooshy Curly Quotes Without Images                                            Simon Collison
The Articulate Web Designer of Tomorrow                                        Simon Collison
Writing Responsible JavaScript                                                 Drew McLellan
Going Nuts with CSS Transitions                                                Natalie Downe
Managing a Mind                                                                Christopher Murphy
Design Systems                                                                 Laura Kalbag
Bringing Your Code to the Streets                                              Ruth John
Taming Complexity                                                              Simon Collison
Unobtrusively Mapping Microformats with jQuery                                 Simon Willison
Crafting the Front-end                                                         Ben Bodien
Develop Your Naturalist Superpowers with Observable Notebooks and iNaturalist  Natalie Downe
Fast Autocomplete Search for Your Website                                      Simon Willison
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