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For reasons I've written about elsewhere, I'm in favor of modules. It has several beneficial effects. One, old browsers just ignore it all together. Two, if you include the same plain script on the page more than once, it will be executed twice, but if you include the same module script on a page twice, it will only execute once. Three, you get a module local namespace, instead of having to use the global window namespace or a function private namespace.

OTOH, if you are going to use an old style script, the code from before isn't ideal, because you wipe out your registry if the script it included more than once. Also you may as well use object methods and splat arguments.

The event based architecture probably makes more sense though. Just make up some event names prefixed with datasette: and listen for them on the root. The only concern with that approach is it can sometimes be tricky to make sure your plugins are run after datasette has run. Maybe

function mycallback(){
  // whatever

if (window.datasette) {
} else {
  document.addEventListener('datasette:init', mycallback);
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