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The implementation in #1232 is ready to land. It's the simplest-thing-that-could-possibly-work: you can run datasette one.db two.db three.db --crossdb and then use the /_memory page to run joins across tables from multiple databases.

It only works on the first 10 databases that were passed to the command-line. This means that if you have a Datasette instance with hundreds of attached databases (see Datasette Library) this won't be particularly useful for you.

So... a better, future version of this feature would be one that lets you join across databases on command - maybe by hitting /_memory?attach=db1&attach=db2 to get a special connection.

Also worth noting: plugins that implement the prepare_connection() hook can attach additional databases - so if you need better, customized support for this one way to handle that would be with a custom plugin.

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