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Minor suggestion: rename size query param to limit, to better reflect that it’s a maximum number of rows returned rather than a guarantee of getting that number, and also for consistency with the SQL keyword?

The problem there is that ?_size=x isn't actually doing the same thing as the SQL limit keyword. Consider this query:*+from+commits - select * from commits

Datasette returns 1,000 results, and shows a "Custom SQL query returning more than 1,000 rows" message at the top. That's the size kicking in - I only fetch the first 1,000 results from the cursor to avoid exhausting resources. In the JSON version of that at*+from+commits there's a "truncated": true key to let you know what happened.

I find myself using ?_size=2 against Datasette occasionally if I know the rows being returned are really big and I don't want to load 10+MB of HTML.

This is only really a concern for arbitrary SQL queries though - for table pages such as adding ?_size=10 actually puts a limit 10 on the underlying SQL query.

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