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One issue I could see with adding first class support for metadata in hjson format is that this would require adding an additional dependency to handle this, for a feature that would be unused by many users. I wonder if this could fit in as a plugin instead; if a hook existed for loading metadata (maybe as part of the metadata could then come from any source, as specified by plugins, e.g. hjson, toml, XML, a database table etc.

Until/unless this exists, a few ideas for how you could add comments:
- Using YAML as you suggest.
- A common pattern is adding a "comment" key for comments to any object in JSON - I don't think including an unnecessary key like this would break anything in Datasette, but not certain.
- You could use another tool as a preprocessor for your JSON metadata - e.g. hjson or Jsonnet. You'd write the metadata in that format, and then convert that into JSON to actually use as your final metadata.

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