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This worked for me:
<td class="col-{{ cell.column|to_css_class }} type-{{ cell.value_type }}">{{ cell.value | replace('", "','; ') | replace('[\"','') | replace('\"]','')}}</td>

I'm sure there is a prettier (and more flexible) way, but for now, this is ever-so-much more pleasant to look at.

------ AFTER:">

------ BEFORE:">

(Note: I didn't figure out how to have one item have no semicolon, while multi-items close with a semicolon, but this is good enough for now. I also didn't figure out how to set up a new jinja filter. I don't want to add to /datasette/utils/ as I assume that would get overwritten when upgrading datasette. Having a starter guide on creating jinja filters in datasette would be helpful. (The jinja documentation isn't datasette-specific enough for me to quite nail it.)

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