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@dracos I appreciate your ideas!

  1. Ooh, I like this: (That's the codepen from your linked stackoverflow.)
  2. I worry that a max height will be a problem when my facets are open. (I've got 35 active ingredients, and so I've set the default_facet_size to 35.)
  3. I don't understand this one. I'm observing the screenshot... very helpful! (Ah, okay, TR = Top Right and BR = Bottom Right. Absolute grid refers to position style.) All the scroll bars look a little wonky to me. I've also got a lot of facets, and prefer the extra horizontal space so that not as many facets disappear below the fold. My site also has end users... some will be on mobile... not sure what the absolute grid would do there...
  4. (I still think a hover-arrow that scrolls upon click would help, too...)

But meanwhile, I'm going to go ahead and see if I can apply that shadow. (Never would've thought of that.) Hmmm... I'm not an SCSS person. This looks helpful!

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