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(Putting thoughts here to keep the conversation in one place.)

I think using datasette for this use-case is the right approach. I usually have both datasette and sqlite-utils installed in the same project, and that's where I'm trying out queries, so it probably makes the most sense to have datasette also manage the output (and maybe the input, too).

It seems like both --get and --query could work better as subcommands, rather than options, if you're looking at building out a full CLI experience in datasette. It would give a cleaner separation in what you're trying to do and let each have its own dedicated options. So something like this:

# run an arbitrary query
datasette query covid.db "select * from ny_times_us_counties limit 1" --format yaml

# run a canned query
datasette get covid.db some-canned-query --format yaml
    "total_count": 0,
    "+1": 0,
    "-1": 0,
    "laugh": 0,
    "hooray": 0,
    "confused": 0,
    "heart": 0,
    "rocket": 0,
    "eyes": 0