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Got the test to pass by ensuring the tests don't accidentally double-rewrite the path.

Ran into a new problem:

        "prefix,expected_path", [(None, "/asgi-scope"), ("/prefix/", "/prefix/asgi-scope")]
    async def test_client_path(datasette, prefix, expected_path):
        original_base_url = datasette._settings["base_url"]
            if prefix is not None:
                datasette._settings["base_url"] = prefix
            response = await datasette.client.get("/asgi-scope")
            path = response.json()["path"]
>           assert path == expected_path
E           AssertionError: assert '/asgi-scope' == '/prefix/asgi-scope'
E             - /prefix/asgi-scope
E             ? -------
E             + /asgi-scope

That test confirms that messing around with the base_url doesn't modify the ASGI scope... but the fix I'm using for this issue DOES modify the ASGI scope.

The question raised here is: should the ASGI scope stay unmodified when base_url is used?

I think it should. It doesn't make sense to obscure the "real" path just to get custom pages to work properly.

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