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The easiest way to apply CSP is to remove all inline <script> blocks (Datasette has a few) and instead serve JavaScript as separate linked files.

It's possible to keep inline script blocks by calculating a hash of their content and adding a Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'sha256-B2yPHKaXnvFWtRChIbabYmUBFZdVfKKXHbWtWidDVF8=' to the policy.

This could be achieved with some Django template tricks, but it feels very risky - and done carelessly could end up calculating a hash of a reflected XSS attack!

The biggest challenge I see around here involves plugins and custom templates. Adopting CSP would require plugins to avoid using any inline scripts, instead keeping their entire implementations in .js files.

That's maybe not a bad thing, but it represents a big commitment. It would need to be adopted before Datasette 1.0.

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