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The other option for inline scripts is the CSP nonce:

Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'nonce-2726c7f26c'


<script nonce="2726c7f26c">
  var inline = 1;

Since an attacker can't guess what the nonce will be it prevents them from injecting their own script block - this seems easier to make available to plugins than a full hashing mechanism, just make {{ csp_nonce() }} available to the template.

That template function can then be smart enough to set a flag which Datasette uses to decide if the script-src 'nonce-2726c7f26c' policy should be sent or not.

Presumably this would also require adding Content-Security-Policy to the Vary header though, which will have a nasty effect on Cloudflare and Fastly and such like.

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