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Hi Simon -- just experimenting with your excellent software!

Up to this point in time I have been using the (paid) HealthFit App to export my workouts from my Apple Watch, one walk at the time into either .GPX or .FIT format and then using another library to suck it into Python and eventually here to my "Emmaus Walking" app:

I just used healthkit-to-sqlite to convert my file and it all "just worked".

I did notice the issue with various numeric fields being stored in the SQLite db as TEXT for now and just thought I'd flag it - but you're already self-reported this issue.

Keep up the great work!

I was curious if you have any thoughts about periodically exporting "" and how to just update the SQLite file instead of re-creating it each time. Hopefully Apple will give some thought to managing this data in a more sensible fashion as it grows over time. Ideally one could pull it from iCloud (where it is allegedly being backed up).

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