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Hi Simon

Thank you for adding the escape_function, but it does not work on my datasette-installation (0.33). I've added the following file to my datasette-dir: /plugins/sql_functions.py:

from datasette import hookimpl

def escape_fts_query(query):
    bits = query.split()
    return ' '.join('"{}"'.format(bit.replace('"', '')) for bit in bits)

def prepare_connection(conn):
    conn.create_function("escape_fts_query", 1, escape_fts_query)`

It has no effect on the standard queries to the tables though, as they still produce errors when including any characters like '-', '/', '+' or '?'

Does the function only work when using costum queries, where I can include the escape_fts-function explicitly in the sql-query?

PS. I'm calling datasette with --plugins=plugins, and my other plugins work just fine.
PPS. The fts5 virtual table is created with 'sqlite3' like so:

CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE "cases_fts" USING FTS5( title, subtitle, resume, suggestion, presentation, detail = full, content_rowid = 'id', content = 'cases', tokenize='unicode61', 'remove_diacritics 2', 'tokenchars "-_"' );


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fts5 syntax error when using punctuation 539590148  

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