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id html_url issue_url node_id user created_at updated_at ▲ author_association body reactions issue performed_via_github_app
735279355 https://github.com/simonw/datasette/pull/1112#issuecomment-735279355 https://api.github.com/repos/simonw/datasette/issues/1112 MDEyOklzc3VlQ29tbWVudDczNTI3OTM1NQ== jefftriplett 50527 2020-11-28T19:21:09Z 2020-11-28T19:21:09Z CONTRIBUTOR

(Even more annoying is that I see my editor leaked an extra delete space at the end of the line. I'm happy to rebuild this to be less annoying, but you probably don't want the changelog update either way)

    "total_count": 0,
    "+1": 0,
    "-1": 0,
    "laugh": 0,
    "hooray": 0,
    "confused": 0,
    "heart": 0,
    "rocket": 0,
    "eyes": 0
Fix --metadata doc usage 752749485  

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CREATE TABLE [issue_comments] (
   [html_url] TEXT,
   [issue_url] TEXT,
   [node_id] TEXT,
   [user] INTEGER REFERENCES [users]([id]),
   [created_at] TEXT,
   [updated_at] TEXT,
   [author_association] TEXT,
   [body] TEXT,
   [reactions] TEXT,
   [issue] INTEGER REFERENCES [issues]([id])
, [performed_via_github_app] TEXT);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issue_comments_issue]
                ON [issue_comments] ([issue]);
CREATE INDEX [idx_issue_comments_user]
                ON [issue_comments] ([user]);