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A lot of Datasette tests look like this:

The loop here isn't actually expected to loop - it's there because the make_app_client function yields a value and then cleans it up afterwards.

This pattern works, but it is a little confusing. It would be nice to replace it with something less strange looking.

The answer may be to switch to the "factories as fixtures" pattern described here:

In particular some variant of this example:

def make_customer_record():

    created_records = []

    def _make_customer_record(name):
        record = models.Customer(name=name, orders=[])
        return record

    yield _make_customer_record

    for record in created_records:

def test_customer_records(make_customer_record):
    customer_1 = make_customer_record("Lisa")
    customer_2 = make_customer_record("Mike")
    customer_3 = make_customer_record("Meredith")
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