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$ datasette spatial.db 
Serve! files=('spatial.db',) (immutables=()) on port 8001
ERROR: conn=<sqlite3.Connection object at 0x11e388f10>, sql = 'PRAGMA table_info(SpatialIndex);', params = None: no such module: VirtualSpatialIndex
Usage: datasette serve [OPTIONS] [FILES]...

Error: It looks like you're trying to load a SpatiaLite database without first loading the SpatiaLite module.

Read more:

This error message could sniff around in the common locations for the SpatiaLite module and output the CLI command you should use to enable it:

datasette spatial.db --load-extension=/usr/local/lib/mod_spatialite.dylib

Even better: if Datasette had a --spatialite option which automatically loads the extension from common locations, if it can find it.

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