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642572841 MDU6SXNzdWU2NDI1NzI4NDE= 859 Database page loads too slowly with many large tables (due to table counts) 3243482 open 0     17 2020-06-21T14:23:17Z 2021-01-05T08:22:43Z   CONTRIBUTOR  

I have a database that I save in HTML from couple of web scrapers. There are around 200k+, 50+ rows in a couple of tables, with sqlite file weighing around 600MB.

The app runs on a VPS with 2 core CPU, 4GB RAM and refreshing database page regularly takes more than 10 seconds. I was suspecting that counting tables was the culprit, but manually running select count(*) from table_name for the largest table finishes under a second.

I've looked at the source code. There's a check for index page for mutable databases larger than 100MB

but this check is not performed for database page.
I've manually crippled Database::table_counts method

async def table_counts(self, limit=10):
    if not self.is_mutable and self.cached_table_counts is not None:
        return self.cached_table_counts
    # Try to get counts for each table, $limit timeout for each count
    counts = {}
    for table in await self.table_names():
            # table_count = (
            #     await self.execute(
            #         "select count(*) from [{}]".format(table),
            #         custom_time_limit=limit,
            #     )
            # ).rows[0][0]
            counts[table] = 10 # table_count
        # In some cases I saw "SQL Logic Error" here in addition to
        # QueryInterrupted - so we catch that too:
        except (QueryInterrupted, sqlite3.OperationalError, sqlite3.DatabaseError):
            counts[table] = None
    if not self.is_mutable:
        self.cached_table_counts = counts
    return counts

now the page loads in <100ms.

Is it possible to apply size check on database page too?

/-/versions output
    "python": {
        "version": "3.8.0",
        "full": "3.8.0 (default, Oct 28 2019, 16:14:01) \n[GCC 8.3.0]"
    "datasette": {
        "version": "0.44"
    "asgi": "3.0",
    "uvicorn": "0.11.5",
    "sqlite": {
        "version": "3.22.0",
        "fts_versions": [
        "extensions": {
            "json1": null
        "compile_options": [
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