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I need to improve this method to help build sqlite-utils search in #192 (PR is #195).

The challenge is deciding how it should handle sorting by relevance - especially since that is easy in FTS5 but not at all easy in FTS4.

Latest test failure:
114 -> assert [("racoons are biting trash pandas", "USA", "bar")] == 115 "bite", order="rowid" 116 ) 117 118 119 def test_optimize_fts(fresh_db): (Pdb)"bite") [(2, 'racoons are biting trash pandas', 'USA', 'bar', -9.641434262948206e-07)]
The problem here is that the method now behaves differently for FTS4 v.s. FTS5 tables.

With FTS4 you get back just the table columns.

With FTS5 you also get back the rowid as the first column and the rank score as the last column.

This is weird. It also makes me question whether having .search() return a list of tuples is the right API design.

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