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Working on my PR i noticed that tests are very slow.

The plain pytest run took about 37 minutes for me.
However i could shave of about 10 minutes from that if i used pytest-xdist to parallelize execution.
pytest -n 8 is run only in 28 minutes on my machine.

I can create a PR to mention that in your documentation.
This will be a simple change to add pytest-xdist to requirements and change a command to run pytest in documentation.

Does that make sense to you?

After a bit more investigation it looks like python-xdist is not an answer. It creates a race condition for tests that try to clead temp dir before run.

Profiling shows that most time is spent on conn.executescript(TABLES) in make_app_client function. Which makes sense.

Perhaps the better approach would be look at the app_client fixture which is already session scoped, but not used by all test cases.
And/or use conn = sqlite3.connect(":memory:") which is much faster.
And/or truncate tables after each TC instead of deleting the file and re-creating them.

I can take a look which is the best approach if you give the go-ahead.

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