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807437089 MDU6SXNzdWU4MDc0MzcwODk= 228 --no-headers option for CSV and TSV 9599 closed 0     9 2021-02-12T17:56:51Z 2021-02-14T22:25:17Z 2021-02-14T22:25:17Z OWNER has a fascinating CSV file that doesn't have a header row - it starts like this:

Computation and measurement of turbulent flow through idealized turbine blade passages,,"Loizou, Panos A.",,,University of Manchester,,1989,Thesis (Ph.D.),,Physical Sciences,,,,
"Prolactin and growth hormone secretion in normal, hyperprolactinaemic and acromegalic man",,"Prescott, R. W. G.",,,University of Newcastle upon Tyne,,1983,Thesis (Ph.D.),,Biological Sciences,,,,

It would be useful if sqlite-utils insert ... --csv had a mechanism for importing files like this one.

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