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I filtered a data set on some criteria and obtain 265 results, split over three pages (100, 100, 65), and reazlized that Vega plots are only applied to the results displayed on the current page, instead of the whole filtered data, e.g., 100 on page 1, 100 on page 2, 65 on page 3. Is there a way to force the graphs to consider all results instead of just the page, considering that pages rarely represent sensible information?

Likewise, while the cluster map does show all results on the first page, if you go to next pages, it will show all remaining results except the previous page(s), e.g., 265 on page 1, 165 on page 2, 65 on page 3.

In both cases, I don't see many situations where one would like to represent the data this way, and it might even lead to interpretation errors when viewing the data. Am I missing some cases where this would be best? Perhaps a clickable option to subset visual representations according visible pages vs. display all search results would do?

[Edit] Oh, I just saw the "Load all" button under the cluster map as well as the setting to alter the max number or results. So I guess this issue only is about the Vega charts.

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