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841456306 MDU6SXNzdWU4NDE0NTYzMDY= 1276 Invalid SQL: "no such table: pragma_database_list" on database page 1314318 closed 0     7 2021-03-26T00:03:53Z 2021-03-31T16:27:27Z 2021-03-28T23:52:31Z NONE  

Don't think this has been covered here yet. I'm a little stumped with this one and can't tell if it's a bug or I have something misconfigured.

Oddly, when running locally the usual list of tables populates (i.e. at /charts a list of tables in charts.db). But when on the web server it throws an Invalid SQL error and "no such table: pragma_database_list" below.

All the url endpoints seem to work fine aside from this - individual tables (/charts/chart_one), as well as stored queries (/charts/query_one).

Not sure if this has anything to do with upgrading to Datasette 0.55, or something to do with our setup, which uses a metadata build script similar to the one for the 538 server, or something else.

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