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Wide tables aren't a huge problem if you know to click and drag right. But it's not at all obvious to do that. (it also tends to blue-select any content as it's dragging.) Depending on column widths, public users might entirely miss all the columns to the right.

There is a scrollbar at the bottom of the table, but I'm displaying ALL my records because it's the only way for datasette-vega to make accurate charts. So that bottom scrollbar is likely to be missed. I wonder if some sort of javascript-y mouseover to an arrow might help, similar to those seen in image carousels. Ah: here's a perfect example:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for: animals endangered
  3. Note the 'g-right-button' (in the code) that looks like a right-facing caret in a circle.
  4. Click on that and the carousel scrolls right (and 'g-left-button' appears on the left).

Might be tricky to do that on a table, rather than a one-row carousel, but it's worth experimenting with.

Another option is just to put the scrollbars at the top of the table, too.

Meantime, I'm trying to build a button like the "View/hide all columns on
Might be nice to have that available by default, with settings in the metadata showing which are on by default.

(I saw some other closed issues related to horizontal scrolling, and admit I don't entirely understand them. For instance, the animated gif at confuses me. )

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