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Ran into an issue while trying to build a plugin to render GeoJSON. I'm using pytest's tmp_path fixture, which is a pathlib.Path, to get a temporary database path. I was getting a weird error involving writes, but I was doing reads. Turns out it's the internal database trying to insert a Path where it wants a string.

My test looked like this:

async def test_render_feature_collection(tmp_path):
    database = tmp_path / "test.db"
    datasette = Datasette([database])

    # this will break with a path
    await datasette.refresh_schemas()

    # build a url
    url = datasette.urls.table(database.stem, TABLE_NAME, format="geojson")

    response = await datasette.client.get(url)
    fc = response.json()

    assert 200 == response.status_code

I only ran into this while running tests, because passing in database paths from the CLI uses strings, but it's a weird error and probably something other people have run into.

The fix is easy enough: Convert the path to a string and everything works. So this:

async def test_render_feature_collection(tmp_path):
    database = tmp_path / "test.db"
    datasette = Datasette([str(database)])

    # this is fine now
    await datasette.refresh_schemas()

This could (probably, haven't tested) be fixed here by calling str(db.path) or by doing that conversion earlier.

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