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Note that this is a WORK IN PROGRESS!

This PR adds the following plugin hook:

  datasette=self, key=key, database=database, table=table,

This gets called when we're building our metdata for the rest of the system to use. Datasette merges whatever the plugins return with any local metadata (from metadata.yml/yaml/json) allowing for a live-editable dynamic Datasette. A major design consideration is this: should Datasette perform the metadata merge? Or should Datasette allow plugins to perform any modifications themselves?

As a security precation, local meta is not overwritable by plugin hooks. The workflow for transitioning to live-meta would be to load the plugin with the full metadata.yaml and save. Then remove the parts of the metadata that you want to be able to change from the file.

I have a WIP dynamic configuration plugin here, for reference:

107914493 pull    

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