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594189527 MDU6SXNzdWU1OTQxODk1Mjc= 717 See if I can get Datasette working on Zeit Now v2 simonw 9599 closed 0     10 2020-04-05T00:56:48Z 2020-04-06T22:47:22Z 2020-04-06T22:47:21Z OWNER  

I thought this was impossible because AWS Lambda doesn't ship the sqlite3 standard library module... but apparenttly that's not the case on Now v2 any more!

/ Hello from Python from a ZEIT Now Serverless Function! Version is 3.6.10 (default, Mar 10 2020, 22:54:43)                                                       \
\ [GCC 4.8.3 20140911 (Red Hat 4.8.3-9)], sqlite3 module = <module 'sqlite3' from '/var/lang/lib/python3.6/sqlite3/'>, sqlite3 version = [('3.7.17',)] /
     \   ^__^
      \  (oo)\_______
         (__)\       )\/\
           ||----w |
           ||     ||

That's from shipping this code as api/

from http.server import BaseHTTPRequestHandler
from cowpy import cow
import sys

    import sqlite3
except ImportError:
    sqlite3 = None

class handler(BaseHTTPRequestHandler):
    def do_GET(self):
        self.send_header("Content-type", "text/plain")
        message = cow.Cowacter().milk(
            "Hello from Python from a ZEIT Now Serverless Function! Version is {}, sqlite3 module = {}, sqlite3 version = {}".format(
                sys.version, sqlite3, sqlite3.connect(":memory:").execute("select sqlite_version()").fetchall()

Now v2 supports ASGI so this might be possible without too much work:

datasette 107914493 issue  
408376825 MDU6SXNzdWU0MDgzNzY4MjU= 409 Zeit API v1 does not work for new users - need to migrate to v2 michaelmcandrew 209967 closed 0     3 2019-02-09T00:50:33Z 2020-04-06T15:44:46Z 2020-04-06T15:44:46Z NONE  

Hello there,

This looks like a great tool. Thanks.

Unfortunately, I hit the following error:

michael@hazel ~/src/cc-datasette/data/out datasette publish now cc-datasette.db
> WARN! You are using an old version of the Now Platform. More:
> Deploying /tmp/tmpjtrxwsyf/datasette under michaelmcandrew
> Using project datasette
> Error! You tried to create a Now 1.0 deployment. Please use Now 2.0 instead:

I'm guessing you might not hit this because you are not a 'new user' of Zeit (

Would it be a lot of work to upgrade to the new Zeit API, do you think?

datasette 107914493 issue  
587322443 MDU6SXNzdWU1ODczMjI0NDM= 710 Remove Zeit Now v1 support simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2020-03-24T22:39:49Z 2020-04-04T23:05:12Z 2020-04-04T23:05:12Z OWNER  

It will remain supported as a plugin but since no-one can sign up for Docker hosting any more (for over a year now) there's no point including it in Datasette core.

datasette 107914493 issue  
464894812 MDExOlB1bGxSZXF1ZXN0Mjk1MDY1Nzk2 544 --plugin-secret option simonw 9599 closed 0   Datasette 0.29 4471010 1 2019-07-06T22:18:20Z 2019-07-08T02:06:31Z 2019-07-08T02:06:31Z OWNER simonw/datasette/pulls/544

Refs #543

  • Zeit Now v1 support
  • Solve escaping of ENV in Dockerfile
  • Heroku support
  • Unit tests
  • Cloud Run support
  • Documentation
datasette 107914493 pull  
440313209 MDU6SXNzdWU0NDAzMTMyMDk= 451 Update README simonw 9599 closed 0   0.28 4305096 1 2019-05-04T11:26:07Z 2019-05-19T22:23:43Z 2019-05-19T22:23:43Z OWNER  

The README is quite out of date now. It includes out-dated copies of help files, promotes the old Zeit Now integration and duplicates a lot of material from the docs.

datasette 107914493 issue  
443020048 MDU6SXNzdWU0NDMwMjAwNDg= 459 Fix the "datasette now publish ... --alias=x" option simonw 9599 closed 0   0.28 4305096 3 2019-05-11T17:48:40Z 2019-05-11T20:22:08Z 2019-05-11T20:22:08Z OWNER  

Now have deprecated the mechanism we were using for this - running now alias without any parameters - in favour of something new:

datasette 107914493 issue  
377518499 MDU6SXNzdWUzNzc1MTg0OTk= 374 Get Datasette working with Zeit Now v2's 100MB image size limit simonw 9599 closed 0     5 2018-11-05T18:08:29Z 2018-12-19T01:35:59Z 2018-12-19T01:35:59Z OWNER  

Follow-on from #366

Zeit Now's v2 cloud has a 100MB size limit on Docker images, in order to support much faster wake-ups of new instances.

Fitting Datasette AND the SQLite database it is hosting in here is going to be a challenge.

datasette 107914493 issue  
369716228 MDU6SXNzdWUzNjk3MTYyMjg= 366 Default built image size over Zeit Now 100MiB limit slygent 416374 closed 0     2 2018-10-12T21:27:17Z 2018-11-05T06:23:32Z 2018-11-05T06:23:32Z NONE  

Using dataset publish now with no other custom options on a small (43KB) sqlite database leads to the error "The built image size (373.5M) exceeds the 100MiB limit". I think this is because of a recent Zeit change:

datasette 107914493 issue  
338768551 MDU6SXNzdWUzMzg3Njg1NTE= 333 Datasette on Zeit Now returns http URLs for facet and next links simonw 9599 closed 0     4 2018-07-06T00:40:49Z 2018-07-24T04:53:20Z 2018-07-24T01:51:53Z OWNER  

e.g. on

  "facet_results": {
    "lg_id": {
      "name": "lg_id",
      "results": [
          "value": "NBA",
          "label": "NBA",
          "count": 118016,
          "toggle_url": "",
          "selected": false
          "value": "ABA",
          "label": "ABA",
          "count": 8298,
          "toggle_url": "",
          "selected": false
      "truncated": false
  "suggested_facets": [
      "name": "_iscopy",
      "toggle_url": "/fivethirtyeight-ac35616/nba-elo%2Fnbaallelo.json?_facet=lg_id&_size=1&_facet=_iscopy"
  "next_url": "",

next_url and facet_results both link to http:// when they should link to https://.

Note that suggested facets doesn't include the full URL at all, which is a consistency bug.

datasette 107914493 issue  
334698969 MDU6SXNzdWUzMzQ2OTg5Njk= 323 Speed up Travis CI builds simonw 9599 closed 0     1 2018-06-21T23:55:27Z 2018-07-10T15:03:37Z 2018-07-10T15:03:36Z OWNER  

They've got a bit slow. Part of this is the Zeit Now deploy, but the build-and-test cycle is taking at least a couple of minutes.

datasette 107914493 issue  
333086005 MDU6SXNzdWUzMzMwODYwMDU= 313 Deploy demo of Datasette on every commit that passes tests simonw 9599 closed 0     6 2018-06-17T19:19:12Z 2018-06-17T21:52:58Z 2018-06-17T21:52:58Z OWNER  

We can use Travis CI and Zeit Now to ensure there is always a live demo of current master. We can ship archived demos for releases as well.

datasette 107914493 issue  
318737808 MDU6SXNzdWUzMTg3Mzc4MDg= 243 --spatialite option for datasette publish commands simonw 9599 closed 0     2 2018-04-29T18:19:32Z 2018-05-31T14:17:53Z 2018-05-31T14:17:53Z OWNER  

Performs the necessary incantations to install Spatialite on Zeit Now or Heroku and sets the corresponding environment variable to ensure the module is correctly loaded by datasette serve.

datasette 107914493 issue  
267861210 MDU6SXNzdWUyNjc4NjEyMTA= 26 Command line tool for uploading one or more DBs to Now simonw 9599 closed 0   Ship first public release 2857392 3 2017-10-24T00:43:10Z 2017-11-11T07:25:30Z 2017-11-11T07:25:30Z OWNER  

Uploading files appears to be undocumented, but I found it in their code here:

datasette 107914493 issue  

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