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metadata 947465681 Add “last_updated” to metadata 274615452
metadata 947465681 License/Source in footer should inherit from top level 281197863
metadata 947465681 More metadata options for template authors  288438570
metadata 947465681 Metadata should be a nested arbitrary KV store 299760684
metadata 947465681 Ability to bundle metadata and templates inside the SQLite file 309047460
metadata 947465681 metadata.json support for plugin configuration options 316323336
metadata 947465681 External metadata.json 317714268
metadata 947465681 Validate metadata.json on startup 323223872
metadata 947465681 "config" section in metadata.json (root, database and table level) 324720095
metadata 947465681 Requesting support for query description 341123355
metadata 947465681 Plugin hook for loading metadata.json 348043884
metadata 947465681 Rename metadata.json to config.json 449886319
metadata 947465681 --plugin-secret over-rides existing metadata.json plugin config 598013965
metadata 947465681 Ability to set custom default _size on a per-table basis 611540797
metadata 947465681 Ability to configure keyset pagination for views and queries 626211658
metadata 947465681 canned_queries() plugin hook 640917326
metadata 947465681 Plugin hook for instance/database/table metadata 642651572
metadata 947465681 Support column descriptions in metadata.json 681334912
metadata 947465681 Mechanism for storing metadata in _metadata tables 777333388

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