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key ▼ name spdx_id url node_id
apache-2.0 Apache License 2.0 Apache-2.0 MDc6TGljZW5zZTI=
bsd-3-clause BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License BSD-3-Clause MDc6TGljZW5zZTU=
cc-by-4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International CC-BY-4.0 MDc6TGljZW5zZTI1
cc0-1.0 Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal CC0-1.0 MDc6TGljZW5zZTY=
gpl-3.0 GNU General Public License v3.0 GPL-3.0 MDc6TGljZW5zZTk=
mit MIT License MIT MDc6TGljZW5zZTEz
other Other NOASSERTION   MDc6TGljZW5zZTA=
unlicense The Unlicense Unlicense MDc6TGljZW5zZTE1

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CREATE TABLE [licenses] (
   [name] TEXT,
   [spdx_id] TEXT,
   [url] TEXT,
   [node_id] TEXT
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