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  • Datasette Metadata can now be provided as a YAML file as an optional alternative to JSON. See Using YAML for metadata. (#713)
  • Removed support for datasette publish now, which used the the now-retired Zeit Now v1 hosting platform. A new plugin, datasette-publish-now, can be installed to publish data to Zeit (now Vercel) Now v2. (#710)
  • Fixed a bug where the extra_template_vars(request, view_name) plugin hook was not receiving the correct view_name. (#716)
  • Variables added to the template context by the extra_template_vars() plugin hook are now shown in the ?_context=1 debugging mode (see template_debug). (#693)
  • Fixed a bug where the “templates considered” HTML comment was no longer being displayed. (#689)
  • Fixed a datasette publish bug where --plugin-secret would over-ride plugin configuration in the provided metadata.json file. (#724)
  • Added a new CSS class for customizing the canned query page. (#727)
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